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January 18, 2010

APEX Voice Communications Partners with High Availability Systems (HAS) of Japan


Yours Truly has followed APEX Voice Communications of Woodland Hills, California, since its founding in San Francisco in 1989, and has during that time been good friends with its founders and head honchos, Elhum Vahdat and Ben Levy. APEX was perhaps the first company to take open, standards-based IVR platforms and combine them with an integrated service creation environment (SCE), obviating the need to write low-level code when developing enhanced services. APEX Voice Communications now provides service delivery platform and SIP application servers to to Network Operators, Value Added Service Providers (VASPs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs) for voice and video enhanced services. With its having successfully installed 15,000 systems across 95 countries since 1989, APEX continues to be a leader in delivering the latest solutions for mission-critical and revenue- generating enhanced services within wireless and fixed-line networks.

Back in the 1990s, when Yours Truly found himself reviewing a dozen IVR application generators at a time in the pages of Computer Telephony magazine, APEX's interactive voice-processing software (OmniVox) had a neat voice applications generator with a menu interface, system management utilities, voice file creation with variable recording and playback levels, voice file editor, dialed number identification service (DNIS), direct inward dial (DID), conditional branching, call counts reporting, call transfer and outdialing, pin generation and verification, hooking of "C" routines to the applications generator, "C" language development tools, automatic flow-charting, script builder documentation tool, recording of customer information, voice mail and messaging, remote update and maintenance. It also supported T-1/E4 protocols, ISDN and ANI (Automatic Number Identification).

APEX was one of the brave pioneering companies that appeared appeared at telecom legend Harry Newton's Telecom Developers '93 trade show, which the following year became the famed Computer Telephony Conference and Exposition, or "CT Expo."

Recently, APEX Voice Communications announced in Tokyo that High Availability Systems (HAS) of Japan has become a member of the APEX Reseller Program and has actively begun to promote APEX's Service Delivery Platform (APEX SDP), OmniVox3D® Application Server and Service Ready Solutions within the region. An established, major provider of carrier-grade voice, video and data solutions in Japan since 1985, the Tokyo-based HAS offers solutions for infrastructure, security, value added services, and operations & management to a number of industries, including telecommunications (i.e. telcos and ISPs), transportation, distribution and finance. HAS manages to provide total solutions and services by integrating global data, voice and data convergence solutions to build the best innovative and reliable networks for telco carriers and ISPs with a focus on convergence in NGN, VoIP, IMS and TDM networks. HAS is a reseller of Dialogic, Hewlett Packard, SUN, Alcatel Lucent, and other leading industry vendors.

"We are very pleased to have High Availability Systems join our team of worldwide value added resellers," said Kent Winter, Vice President of Sales for EMEA & Asia for APEX Voice Communications. "Their 25 years of experience in the Japanese telecommunications' market and expertise in system integration will enhance the sales cycle as they begin to offer our SDPs and Application Servers."

"By joining the APEX Reseller Program, we add a portfolio of Next Generation Network Solutions which we can offer our customers as they transition from traditional TDM solutions to SIP based NGN Solutions," said Kenji Suzuki, Director at High Availability Systems. "Not only are the APEX SDP and OmniVox3D in demand with the transition to SIP and IMS based infrastructure by our customers, APEX's embrace of open standards means that it complements our existing portfolio of Solutions and Partners perfectly."

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